Enrolling in classes at Broward Community Schools is a great way to make education accessible and convenient for your life right now. But that certainly doesn’t mean that taking online or in-person courses is a short-term decision.

We’re here to prepare you for your future in a way that fits your current lifestyle, financial situation, and individual needs. Here are four ways we can help you brighten your future.

1. GED Courses

Students who never completed high school and who want to explore future education and more career options should look into getting their GED. Broward Community Schools offer affordable GED classes that are designed to prepare you for success when you take your GED exams.

2. Adult High School Diploma

A bit different from pursuing a GED, adult high school programs are great for students who need to make up their last credits after their senior year in order to graduate.

3. Adult Literacy Programs

If you want to move forward in your education and career, then improving your literacy is a great place to start. By improving reading and writing skills through our adult literacy courses, you’ll find it much easier to advance in further coursework and to make yourself more competitive when applying for jobs.


If English is your second language, you’ve likely already ran into struggles while taking classes or trying to apply for work. Our ESOL classes at Broward Community Schools are designed to help you quickly improve English speaking and writing skills.

Visit one of our community school locations near Fort Lauderdale today to learn more!