Getting your GED is a big accomplishment, and at Broward Community Schools we’re here to help you put in the work to get one. However, you may be wondering if all of the work is worth it. Can a GED really help make your life better?

We think so, and we think that there are three good reasons in particular to pursue your GED.

1. Educational Opportunities

This is one of the best reasons to get your GED. Because it is equivalent to a high school diploma, a GED opens the door to a variety of educational opportunities such as:

  • A community college where you can enroll is a two-year degree program
  • Bachelor’s degree programs at universities.
  • Apply to trade schools and enter a potentially lucrative and in-demand career field

Having a GED simply gives you more options.

2. Employment Opportunities

It also might be easier to get certain jobs with a GED. Even if you have no plans to pursue additional education at the moment, having a GED shows that you can commit to hard work and reach goals set out before you.

3. A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment

Another good reason to get a GED is the feeling of pride once you’ve accomplished your goals. For many students, this is a big factor. Whatever prevented you from getting your high school degree is behind you, and now you have the means to improve your life and take advantage of different opportunities.

Learn more about all of our adult education options on our website. Whether you’re interested in getting your GED or you’re just looking to take a photography course or two, we’ll help you find a class that fits into your schedule and helps you meet your goals.