What Can the ESOL Program Do for Me?

ESOL program near meWe believe everyone deserves the right to learn something new and improve their lives. We’re proud to have 17 schools and more than 20 off-site locations in our educational family because it means more people have a readily available learning opportunity within a short drive from their respective homes.

Our team is equally proud that our students hail from more than 160 countries and that they represent 50 language groups. Given the laudable diversity of our student base, it’s only natural for some to need help with their ability to communicate in English. That need is why we created our ESOL program.

Our ESOL Program: the Academic Details

The ESOL program is somewhat akin to an English class you might see in our extensive list of courses in the sense that it helps people increase their familiarity with the English language in all areas, such as reading, speaking, and writing. Designed for adults, this program emphasizes the practical use of the English language so students can communicate more effectively and accurately with their family members, neighbors, and coworkers.

Unlike our other classes, our English for Speakers of Other Languages classes are open courses, meaning you can start and stop participating in them once you’ve met your language goals. While you actively participate in the ESOL program, you’ll be able to use various tools to improve your mastery of the English language, such as computers. You’ll also benefit by working directly with instructors who are specialists when it comes to teaching English.

Convenient Locations for ESOL Learning

If you’re wondering, “Are there ESOL classes near me?” you can stop. We offer in-person ESOL classes at multiple locations, including the Hollywood Hills Community School, the Dave Thomas East Education Center, and the Village Multipurpose Center, to name just a few of them.

Are you ready to improve your English skills? We encourage you to register for ESOL classes now.

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