If you’ve withdrawn from high school before completing receiving your diploma, then you may be on the hunt for quality GED classes near me. Luckily, you can get your educational journey back on track by obtaining your GED through Broward Community Schools.

Between our convenient locations and affordable pricing, you can expect great things when you choose our adult high school diploma program.

Affordable Pricing

Your financial situation should not become a barrier to your success in education. Since Broward Community Schools operates through public funding, you can take GED courses at very low rates.

Our adult high school diploma courses cost $30 per semester with an additional $20 student activity fee. A $15 assessment fee is also charged every two years. These low rates allow you to simply stay focused on completing your coursework rather than worrying about money when you sign up for classes.

Professional Staff

Our adult high school diploma program near Fort Lauderdale is run by a team of educators who specialize in helping adults achieve their goals. You’ll get helpful guidance and clear communication as you move forward with your learning.


Completing GED coursework at Broward Community Schools means getting an education on your own terms. You’ll get online access to important information and resources to support your success as you pursue your GED. Plus, there are lots of locations conveniently located throughout South Florida, so you can easily find the location that works best for you.

Test Prep

Of course, as you complete your classes, you’ll also be prepared to take your state mandated FCAT. Once you’ve finished your classes with at least a 2.0 GPA and have passed the FCAT, you will have obtained your GED and will be well on your way to further educational ventures.

Contact us today to learn more about how to get started!