If English isn’t your first language and you want to improve your English skills, then it’s time to search for ESOL classes. And to find a supportive environment while you advance your skills, be sure to choose Broward Community Schools.

Our convenient locations and flexible class structure will help you learn at your own pace while effectively growing the skills you’ll need to move forward in your education and career.

What’s Required for ESOL Classes?

To qualify for ESOL classes, all you need is to be a speaker of another language and a desire to improve your English speaking and writing skills. Whether your goal is to find better jobs, further your education, or simply make it through daily life in Florida more easily, you will gain what you need by taking ESOL classes here at Broward Community Schools.

How Do ESOL Classes Work?

Our ESOL classes in Broward County cover a wide range of skills, from basic English comprehension to more advanced English writing skills. English learners of all skill levels are welcome, from beginners to English-speakers who are nearly fluent.

All ESOL classes at Broward Community Schools are open-entry/open-exit, which means you can enter and exit the program at any time based on whether your personal goals have been met.

How Do I Enroll in ESOL Classes?

To get started with your ESOL class, be sure to visit one of our community school locations near Fort Lauderdale to meet with a guidance counselor. They will help you find the ESOL class that works with your schedule and personal needs and get you registered.

Contact us today to learn more and to find the right ESOL class for you!