Who Adult Basic Education Programs Are for and Why to Enroll in Broward County

There are many reasons to consider enrolling in Adult Basic Education, or ABE classes, like the kind you find at Broward Community Schools. We’re dedicated to providing students the tools, education, and resources they need to excel in their professional and personal lives, and we’re here to help you on every stage of the journey.

Learn how Adult Basic Education can work for you at Broward Community Schools.

Who is ABE For?

There are many different ways to expand or subsidize your adult education and experience, and Adult Basic Education is one of them. Adult Basic Education is a way to earn your high school diploma, if needed, as well as expand on the basic skills that can be useful in employment and at home.

Adult basic education is available in many different and important disciplines. Typically, those include reading, writing, language, and mathematics. It’s designed for students who are not currently in school, and students will be able to customize and design a schedule that fits their specific needs. That means you can personalize your classes to focus on the skills you want to cultivate for work or your next stage of education.

To be eligible to attend Adult Basic Education courses, you need to be at least 16 years old and not currently enrolled in high school or college level classes. Students should have below a 12th grade capacity in the key disciplines of math, language, reading, or writing to enroll in Adult Basic Education courses.

Why Take Adult Basic Education Courses at Broward Community Schools?

There are many reasons to make Broward Community Schools your first stop for everything from Adult Basic Education courses to GED to family literacy. We offer courses at over 20 locations and available online, so you can continue your education in a way that works for you. They’re also available at several different times throughout the day.

Our classes are also very affordable, because we believe education should be available to every student, no matter what their needs may be. They cost just $50 per class.

At our schools, you’ll also find career and professional resources to help you on the next steps, so you can begin utilizing your Adult Basic Education skills as soon as possible.

Learn more about Adult Basic Education courses and begin planning the next step in your academic journey with Broward Community Schools today.