Bring Your Dog to Obedience Classes at Broward Community Schools

Congratulations! You just got a new puppy that will provide you many years of joy and excitement. Once you’ve made your home a safe environment by puppy-proofing top to bottom, it’s time to sign up for obedience classes. The obedience classes for dogs at Broward Community Schools will provide you with the skills to raise a well-mannered dog. If you have an older dog that could benefit from additional training, we invite you to join us for one of our advanced classes as well!

Obedience Classes near Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our Courses

Most dogs and owners can benefit from obedience classes in a number of ways. Our courses teach essential commands that will make your life easier. You and your canine will work with one of our certified trainers on leash walking, positive reinforcement, curbing attention-seeking behaviors, and more. We will teach young attendees the basics of being a “good boy” and in advanced classes, we will help improve the behaviors of your older pup, as well as have some fun with unique tricks and treats. Dogs will also have the opportunity to learn social etiquette with their other classmates.


To prepare you for the journey of dog obedience, we will have you come to the first course without your dog. We will go over the curriculum and save plenty of room for discussion at the end. It is crucial that your dog is fully immunized before your arrival in the next class. Please don’t hesitate to give our Fort Lauderdale community course instructors a call with any questions you may have about this course and its requirements.


About Broward Community Schools

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We look forward to working with you and your dog at our schools. Give us a call today for additional details!