What Adult Basic Education Is and When to Pursue It

There’s never a wrong time to pursue your adult basic education. As long as you commit to making the effort, the flexible and affordable adult education classes at Broward Community Schools are an excellent way for you to broaden your knowledge, build self-confidence, and improve your qualifications and credentials.

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What is Adult Education?

Adult education is for mature students who have already taken part in the workforce and want to broaden their skillset and expand their knowledge. Our in-person courses give adults a chance to pursue a variety of educational milestones.


You pursue your GED, adult high school diploma and there are even adult literacy programs. Moreover, our instructors are highly qualified and possess years of workforce experience in the arts and sciences.


Advantages of an Adult Basic Education

There are numerous advantages to adult education. Learning after secondary school as a mature aged student allows you to develop valuable skills to improve career prospects and expand your professional knowledge. Improving literacy and numeracy skills in adulthood also gives individuals a better chance of reaching their full potential.


In fact, many adult students gain additional confidence in their academic skills after pursuing adult education. Moreover, adult education teaches valuable skills that can be put into action in a wide range of situations, both professional and personal.


Challenges of an Adult Education

There are several challenges that adult learners may have to face. These include the difficulty of balancing education and a full-time career, and the challenge of returning to a classroom setting after spending years in the workplace. Also, many adult students struggle to find the time to attend a local community school alongside their obligations at work and at home.


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