At Broward Community Schools, we offer classes that help you work on the basic adult literacy skills you need to succeed in your career and in your personal life. If you’re looking for ways to improve your reading and writing skills, here’s a look at some steps you can take that can help.

Try Pursuing an Adult Basic Education

An adult basic education can help you work on and advance your reading and writing skills. These courses are mostly designed to get you to a high school education level. Afterwards, you can move onto other educational opportunities to further your literacy skills, like pursuing your GED.

Check Out Our Adult Reading Programs

Some of our schools also offer adult reading programs. Since these are classes are on the smaller side, you’ll have the opportunity to receive individual attention from your instructor, if needed.

We also offer family literacy programs. If you have kids or a spouse who also want to improve their reading skills, this is a great place to start!

Read More

What could be better for improving literacy than reading more? You can read anything from newspapers and online articles to literature, and anything else that you can get your hands on. Get a library card, check out some books, and practice your reading whenever possible.

Improving your reading and writing skills can open many doors. Whether you’re trying to continue your education or become a more valuable team member at your current job, your efforts at improving your literacy skills won’t go unnoticed.

Learn more about your Broward County adult education options by visiting our website!