If you’re looking to advance your educational goals, there are plenty of Broward Community School courses that will pique your interest. Ranging from financial literacy coursework to fine arts, you can pursue a wide variety of learning endeavors when you choose Broward Community Schools.

Check out some of our exciting, featured courses that you can explore:

Broward Community Schools Featured Courses

  • Accounting Fundamentals: Equip yourself for navigating financial responsibilities with confidence. This course covers the basics of accounting, including how to manage payroll, close out a fiscal year, and creating a budget. You can choose either an instructor-led or a self-paced version of the course.


  • Discover Digital Photography: See the world around you through a different lens by learning the essentials of digital photography. From learning how to adjust the aperture and other settings on your DSLR to digitally printing your images you’ll be ready to get out there and go shoot by the end of this course.


  • Achieving Top Search Engine Positions: Learn how to get your website to the top of the search engine results page by implementing SEO strategies with this course. By the end of this class, you’ll have a solid grasp on picking the right keywords, how to avoid blackhat SEO, and how to customize HTML for optimal performance.

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