When it comes to getting a job in 2020, computer skills are practically a necessity. Knowing how to use a computer is essential, and even entry-level jobs require proficiency with things like Microsoft Windows, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Excel and Word.

At Broward County Schools, we offer over 100 different computer software classes, where students of all ages can brush up on their computer application skills.

Classes We Offer

Broward Community Schools has computer-related courses, both online classes and in-person classes. The majority of these require at least 24 course hours and all of them will allow you to master valuable skills for today’s workplace. Here are some of our most popular computer application courses.

  • Introduction to PC Troubleshooting: This instructor-led class helps student decipher and solve almost any problem with their PC.
  • Microsoft Excel 2016: An online class that teach basics, intermediate, and advanced features of Microsoft Excel 2016.
  • QuickBooks Online Series: Learn to use the QuickBooks accounting software to record income and expenses, enter checks and credit card payments, track payables, inventory, and receivables.
  • Microsoft Office 2019/365 Value Suite: This course teaches you to master some of the world’s most-used software programs, such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint 2019.

About Broward Community Schools

Broward Community Schools are dedicated to providing our diverse community of learners with lifelong learning opportunities. We serve over 200,000 students annually, and our students represent 166 countries and 50 languages.

Whether you’re looking to learn new computer skills, brush up a skill or use a program that you haven’t used in years, the classes at Broward Community Schools can help.