Taking tests is never a fun or easy process. With Broward Community Schools’ Exam and College Test prep courses, we’ve taken the stress out for you and offer plenty of resources to prepare. Don’t be nervous about taking the tests, be excited you’re on your way to a new life and incredible future.


ACT prep, SAT prep, and college test prep are just a few course we offer to help guide you through to the start of your higher education. Even if you’re proficient in math, but not reading or writing, we offer select courses with strict focus so you can fix the areas that need fixing without wasting time on what you’re already mastering.


Don’t let your fear of tests stand in the way of your career. Studying is made easy when it comes to Broward Community Schools. Prepare for your biggest tests, put them behind you, and get ready for the education and career path you’ve been dreaming of.