They say dogs are man’s best friends. They’re definitely right on that one, but in order to get there, sometimes obedience courses are necessary. At Broward Community Schools, we’re ready and able to turn any Cujo into cute and cuddly with our affordable Dog Obedience courses.


Starting with pups over 6 months old, we’ll work on getting your dog’s attention, learn how to properly give praise and of course how to learn both old tricks and new. You’ll soon be able to bring Fido into the Advanced course which includes problem prevention so you can stop any bad behavior before it becomes an actual issue.


Immunizations are required for all courses and for the first class, you can leave your furry friend at home, it’s more introductions for what you’ll be experiencing and teaching your pooch. You’ll soon be able to bring your buddy anywhere with no issues and enjoy more bonding and fun times with your dog.