They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. But sometimes, that best friend needs some additional training. When you step into Broward Community Schools with your two feet and those four paws, you’ll see that it’s not as difficult to train your furry friend the right way.

With BCS, gone are the days of having to clean up the torn up trash and little accidents all over the house. Our dog obedience classes will keep you up to date on the latest tips and tricks to teach your pup how to behave and not get into things they shouldn’t. They may say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so we’re going to prove them wrong.

The time is now to prevent any problems going forward with your pup. Just make sure that you have proof of immunization for your pooch, you’re 18 years or older and get ready to make your best friend even better. Contact Broward Community Schools today to get started!