It’s the American dream to be able to retire somewhere tropical and take up your favorite hobby. At Broward Community Schools, we’ve made that dream a reality, and you don’t need to retire to achieve it. Take any one of our Golf classes and enjoy learning skills for Florida’s favorite pastime.

Hitting the links is now even more relaxing as you learn the basic golf shots, driving, chipping, putting and grip. You’ll dramatically improve your game with the techniques you’ll learn here at Broward Community Schools. Techniques like reading the green, shot selection and of course, course management.

The best part? You don’t need to show up at a class room on a beautiful sunny Florida day, you’ll meet up at the driving range with your 7 or 8 iron in hand and ready to chip away. Get ready to play golf like never before when you sign up for Golf classes at Broward Community Schools.  Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve hit the course a few times, when you lower your score, you’ll stop yelling, “Fore!” and start yelling, “Nice Shot!”