If you’re looking for a fantastic ESOL program near me, then it’s time to check out Broward Community Schools. Designed for adult students and offered at an affordable price, our ESOL program is a great way to get a deep understanding of the English language.

Here is how our ESOL program will help you communicate effectively in English if English isn’t your first language.

Learn Speaking, Reading, and Writing Skills

Getting a complete grasp of the English language means learning more than just speaking skills. That being said, much of the ESOL program at Broward Community Schools will focus on learning words and phrases that are important for everyday conversations.

You will learn both how to understand sentences spoken in English and how to clearly respond, allowing you to effectively communicate at home and while at work or running errands.

Our ESOL courses also teach you how to understand written English, which will be important for reading signs and moving on to reading literature for further education.

Your ESOL education will also include learning English well enough to write in English, empowering you to communicate thoroughly and effectively.

Accomplish Your English-Speaking Goals

As you move through the ESOL coursework, you’ll find yourself significantly improving in your English-speaking skills. One of the best things about our ESOL classes near Fort Lauderdale is that you move at your own pace and continue taking classes until you’ve reached your desired skill level. ESOL classes are also very affordable, so you can continue growing your English skills in a cost-effective way.

Contact Broward Community Schools today to learn more about our adult learning courses and to find the right ESOL class location for you. We look forward to helping you move your education forward!