Don’t be intimidated by your financial situation, especially if you’re trying to further your education. When you choose Broward Community Schools, you can get a quality education at a very lost cost. Here are three reasons why choosing our community education centers near Fort Lauderdale is a cost-effective way to get an education.

1. Publicly Funded

Many private educational institutions offer their courses at incredibly high rates since their incomes are tuition based. But since Broward Community Schools are publicly funded, courses can be offered for far less money. You’re getting more education for your buck!

2. Classes as Low as $65

If you don’t believe us when we say that classes at Broward Community School are affordable, you can take an ESOL course for only $65 per semester. That includes a testing fee and a student activity fee. With affordability like this, what’s stopping you from signing up for classes?

3. Affordable GED Courses

Falling behind in high school shouldn’t prevent you from earning a GED and moving on to the next level of education. And thanks to our GED courses, offered as low as $65 per semester, including all fees, getting your GED is easily affordable at Broward Community Schools.

At Broward Community Schools, we believe that your financial situation shouldn’t deter you from pursuing an education. So, check out our affordable class options as well as our convenient locations online. Our team here at Broward Community Schools looks forward to helping you achieve your educational goals!