Students in the Broward County area looking to move their careers and educational goals forward will be making a wise move by pursuing an adult high school diploma from Broward Community Schools. Between our vast array of locations and flexible scheduling, you’ll be able to find the right courses to prepare you for your GED or to get your diploma as an adult.

Here’s how our ABE program will help you to earn your high school diploma at Broward Community Schools.

Literacy Classes

Classes at our community school locations near Fort Lauderdale improve reading comprehension and writing skills you can use all throughout your adult life. Plus, better literacy skills will help you earn your diploma.

ESOL Courses

If English is your second language, you can improve your English skills in our ESOL program as part of our ABE coursework. This will boost your confidence as you move towards your high school diploma and post-high school education.

General Education Classes

When you enroll in courses in our ABE program, you build your skill and knowledge in math, literature, and other essential education subjects to prepare you to complete your high school diploma.

Co-Enrolled Classes

If you’re still enrolled at a high school, you can expedite your education to obtain your high school diploma on your schedule by co-enrolling in courses at Broward Community Schools.

GED Test Prep

When you enroll in our ABE program, you can take courses that will prepare you to take your GED test with confidence. Not only are our classes affordable, but you can also register for your GED test for only $15.

Contact Broward County Community Schools today to learn how to register for classes and move closer to getting your diploma!