With online classes becoming the new norm, students are doing their best to adjust to this learning format. Compared with in-person classes, online learning presents a special set of challenges. Because there is no physical class to go to and no teacher to report to, students need to have a high amount of self-discipline to excel.

All of this self-discipline and hard work can lead to burnout when taking online classes, but the experts at Broward Community Schools have a few tips on how to avoid burnout.

Tips for Handling Burnout

First, know that it is normal to experience some burnout, especially if you have been taking online classes for several years. If this is something that you are experiencing, these tips can help you handle it.

  • Remind yourself of your goals: Whether your ultimate goal is to complete a degree you had left unfinished earlier in your life or to work your way into your dream job, thinking about this goal can help you get mentally back on track.
  • Don’t skip assigned work: Although skipping one assignment may be tempting, doing so can put you even further behind, increasing your burnout.
  • Divide your schoolwork into segments: If you have a quiz, a paper, and forum posts to write in the same week, divide them into segments so that you do not get overwhelmed by completing everything at the same time.
  • Take a recharge break: When you feel mentally drained and burnt out, allow yourself to relax by taking a short break. Of course, do not miss any deadlines, but simply taking time to watch a movie can help with burnout.

For more tips on how to deal with burnout, contact our staff at Broward Community Schools.