You’ve worked hard your entire life to provide for yourself and your family and now it’s time for some much needed R&R. Just because you’re not obligated to go to a 9-5 workday anymore, doesn’t mean you still can’t learn new skills and enjoy a full, fun life. With Broward Community Schools, Lifelong learning classes, you can go into retirement with all the energy for interesting classes and skills to learn.

Looking to add some spice in your kitchen? We offer plenty of culinary courses that will have you baking beautifully and fill your home with the smells of success. If you’re looking to test your artistic skills, look no further. BCS offers plenty of painting, sculpting and designing courses that can tap into your mind’s eye for incredible artwork.

With the courses listed above and with plenty more on our website, the time of empty-nesting, doesn’t have to be empty. With the free time on your hands, you can finally get to those projects you’ve been trying to get to for years. Fill your post-retirement life with fun and educational courses that will lead to enriched golden years.