If your aim is to get accepted into a quality law program, then finding the right resources for LSAT preparation will be highly valuable. Getting a high score on this standardized test is one of the best ways to make it easier to get accepted into competitive law schools.

Here at Broward Community Schools, we offer great LSAT preparation resources to boost your chances of success. Here are some tips for success when exam day approaches.

  1. Play Logic Games: Wait, I should play games before my test? While it may sound like unusual advice, the LSAT is an unusual exam. The logic games section of the exam tends to throw off many test-takers, but it also is the section where repeat test-takers improve the most with preparation.
  2. Look for Previously Administered LSATs: You can actually find versions of the LSAT that have been given in the past. While the new exam will be fresh, you can at least get yourself more familiar with what to expect.
  3. Review your LSAT Preparation Materials: You can purchase affordable LSAT preparation courses from our Broward County online school to get yourself ready for test day. By reviewing your coursework, you can have important information fresh in your memory.
  4. Talk to Yourself Positively: If you’ve put in the time and effort into LSAT preparation, you should have plenty of confidence! Try to think positively when you go into your exam.
  5. Get Plenty of Rest: While it’s important to do some reviewing before test day, don’t cram the night before. You’ll want to get plenty of rest so you can be sharp when it’s time to take the test.

To learn more about LSAT preparation, contact Broward Community Schools today!