If you’re looking to learn web design, whether it’s to help write other’s websites, write your own, or boost your own business, Broward Community Schools is here to help! With our multimedia course and focus in web design, your new abilities are right around the corner.


Web design starts with four letters: HTML. Learn the capabilities of how to change content, structure and layout of your site. You’ll be able to create pages, format text, and even learn marketing strategies to boost your business even more. Don’t forget about CSS3 and HTML5 techniques and how you can build sites like the pro’s. Lastly, you’ll understand the basics of JavaScript so people can interact with your site better.


When you sit down at the computer, don’t just click random sites and check email, begin to build your own webpages. With our Web Design online course, you can start today and learn at your own pace. This online course is adaptable and flexible to fit anyone’s hectic schedule. Don’t miss out, sign up today!