Computers don’t have to be things to fear or not understand. At Broward Community Schools, computers play a big part in our education program. In fact, everywhere you go in life, computers play a big part; whether it’s conducting traffic, directing planes, scanning items at the grocery store or doing any daily job, computers are involved. Want a better insight into the inner workings or how to improve your already vast knowledge? Sign up for one of our computer application courses.

From intro to computers, to how to use certain programs on them and beyond, Broward Community Schools helps you understand how to use computers and how they can best serve you. We want to give you the right tools and, more importantly, the right teachers.

Don’t wait any longer, stand up to not understanding technology while you sit down in front of a computer. Whether you’re learning Microsoft office, learning how to use the computer, or how computers work in general, Broward Community Schools has you covered.