It’s time to take the next step in your education and expand your career options by exploring Broward Community Schools courses. You’ll have plenty of great options to choose from when you check out the different class offerings from Broward Community Schools, including in-person classes.

Ultimately, the flexibility to take online classes helps many students fit education into their schedule. However, here’s why we recommend signing up for classes in person.


While there are benefits to flexible schedules, being obligated to stick to a schedule and make it to class on time is helpful in building real-world discipline. It’s a great way to build good habits for the future.

Support from Professors

Sure, we have video calls and emails to communicate in the digital age, but nothing compares to the alert presence of a professor to address questions and support students in their learning.

In-Class Discussions

One of the most distinctive advantages of attending classes in person is the ability to engage in class discussions in real-time without the barrier or slight delay that comes from a video chat platform. By engaging in discussions related to your subject matter, you can gain a deeper understanding of the concepts you’re learning.

Building Relationships

There’s nothing quite like a structured classroom to help people build relationships. Whether it’s making a new friend or finding people to network with for future career opportunities, meeting in a classroom allows you to make important connections.

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