When it comes to checking out Broward Community Schools class options, there are two simple ways to register for classes, either online or visit the campus that is closest to you, and we’ll get you started.

We have two options for registration. The first is to register online. Start by finding the class you’re interested in, select your dates and times, and walk through the steps to purchase your course online. Then, print your confirmation receipt to bring with you when classes start.  Note that for our Academic and Adult General Education courses, you will have to register on-site.  To register on-site for our Lifelong Learning courses or Adult General Education courses, bring a Visa or Mastercard to your first class to pay for any fees that are required. You can visit our course listings page for all course information, including dates, times, and associated costs.

What happens if your class gets cancelled? You’ll get a full refund of all fees either back on your credit card or with a check from BCS. If you attend a class and you need to withdraw, you’ll get a full refund if you withdraw after the first week. And of course, all financial information or general information about you will be kept safe and confidential.

If you’re ready to start learning something knew or sharpening your skills, registration is now available. What are you waiting for? Contact Broward Community Schools today and say hello to your bright future!