Not every class has to feel like work. By taking a personal enrichment class, you’ll learn about fascinating subjects in a low-pressure environment with plenty of support.

One fun course to check out when enrolling in classes at Broward Community Schools is The Art of Looking at Art. As you learn how to analyze artistic works with a greater appreciation for their historical contexts and creative intricacies, you’ll find yourself looking at the world through a more exciting lens.

What are Personal Enrichment Classes?

If you’re interested in learning for the sake of learning, then you should look into personal enrichment courses. These types of classes are less tailored towards career goals or educational advancement and are instead focused on deepening your insights into subjects that pique your interest.

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or simply want to satisfy your curiosity, there’s something for everyone to gain from taking a personal enrichment course.

The Art of Looking at Art

This aptly named personal enrichment class is all about making you better at analyzing creative works. Through this course, you’ll learn how to spot the little details in paintings, drawings, and other pieces of art that can often carry significant meaning. You’ll also learn about how looking at art from previous eras can deepen your understanding of how people saw the world and expressed themselves throughout history.

Not only will completing this course help you appreciate art when you browse art museums and galleries, but it will help you gain a deeper appreciation of art you’ll inevitably spot in your everyday life.

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