Are you looking for a fun way to exercise that you can share with a few friends? At Broward Community Schools, our tennis courses are here to bring you exercise, good times, and a fun experience learning a new skill. Whether you’re keeping track of the score, or you don’t mind who had all of the aces, then come check out tennis classes today.

You’ll learn to develop and practice the proper grip, a well-balanced stance, strokes and of course, serves. Once you’ve got your posture and stance down, learn how to serve, volley, keep score and more! Enjoy one on one or doubles with old friends or make new ones!

When you sign up for the fun, just remember your can of tennis balls and a racquet. Join us by the tennis courts in the back and on rainy days, we’ll be ready to run and enjoy classes inside by the media center. Get ready for your new, active life and ready to meet plenty of people to play singles or doubles.