Considering enrolling in Broward adult education? Then it’s time to explore your course options here at Broward Community Schools. We offer quality and affordable adult and family literacy programs designed to help everyone reach their educational goals and to further their careers.

If you’re still feeling a bit unsure about signing up, then you should explore some of the benefits of adult literacy education.

Expand Career Options

Boosting your reading skills is one of the most important steps in advancing your career. By gaining new communications skills through improved reading and writing, you can give yourself the edge you need to start landing the jobs you want.

Supportive Environment

It can be easy to feel embarrassed for falling behind in your English understanding and composition. But when you join a classroom filled with people who have similar goals, it can help give you the confidence you need better yourself.

Small Class Sizes

Here at Broward Community Schools, we keep our classes at a balanced size to provide students with an ideal combination of personalized attention and a sense of community. So when you show up to your classes, you can expect to get the help you need from teachers who want to see you succeed.

Affordable Courses

In the pursuit of advancing your career, large costs can be a major roadblock. That’s why we keep our family literacy classes affordable. Each semester is only $30 along with a $20 student activity fee. If you plan on taking a GED or ESOL test, then you’ll get a charge of $15 every two years.

Contact our community school near Fort Lauderdale today to learn more about our literacy programs and to get registered.