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Hola! Como Estas? If you’re wondering what this means, Broward Community Schools can teach you with Spanish 1 courses. Whether you’re traveling to a new country, learning a new skill for your job, or just keeping your mind fresh, Broward Community Schools are here to help you accomplish your goals.

Anyone who’s learning a new language will tell you that regardless of the class you’re in, Rosetta Stone is the biggest helper of all. With the cost of admission, Rosetta Stone is available to you 24/7. Along with your microphone, headphones and language program, your teacher and your class will help you be ready to move on to a higher class or be able to communicate on a base level.

Don’t wait any longer to book that incredible, overseas trip, don’t wait another minute to enhance your language skills, begin with Spanish 1 today! At Broward Community Schools, your courses have better times, better cost and make you better!